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Animal Aid Success Stories

The following are just some of the happy tails we receive from our pet friends and their adopted families; additional stories may be found in our Spring newsletter. If you have an Animal Aid success story, please send a photo and description to


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Batman - Hi Animal Aid,

I just wanted to finally update you on Batman, and how well he has taken to me and my home. Just like I was told he would, Batman made himself right at home from the moment I took him out of the carrier. Explored the whole place, insisted on seeing every closet, and then plunked himself right on the couch. He has been nothing but the best from day 1. I could not be happier to have him in my life. He enjoys waking me up by licking my face, and drinking from the bathroom faucet, and drooling all over me when he's really happy to see me.

You are all wonderful people for what you do, and it touches me to know that this organization exists. I do not know how Batman wound up at your shelter, but I'm glad that he did, and that I had the chance to bring him into my life. Attached are some pictures. Thanks again Animal Aid!

Batman and Denise

Roscoe - I’m writing in regards to my dog Roscoe (aka. Boots) who was adopted on April 1/05. Thank you so much for our wonderful puppy. He has adapted so well to his new environment and we couldn’t be happier that he is part of our family. He’s having a little bit of trouble making friends with the cat, (he wants to play with her all the time, she is a little more shy) but every now and then we catch the two of them cuddling up. Roscoe is attending obedient classes at Petsmart and he is making a tremendous amount of progress. However, he’s definitely a puppy. He is hyper all the time, we started taking him to Bayview Park (the dog park) and he just loves it. He’s made a ton of friends. Adopting Roscoe was the best choice and we feel really lucky to have found him. We appreciate all of your organization's help and thoughtfulness.

With Thanks,

Andy, Shannon _ Roscoe

Mousse - Hi there,
I adopted Pinkie (now renamed Mousse) on June 28th, 2005, and she is quickly settling into her new home (being spoiled rotten isn't hurting none I'm sure)! Here are some pictures... Thank you so much!


Jason - Hi . . . . Jason here just letting everyone know how happy I am. I have a mommy who loves me very much, let’s me do whatever I want, calls me her baby boy. I have 4 brother and sister cats and a wimpy dog sister, and I get along with everyone. I have a brother who looks just like me and we play and play and he licks my head. I am loved beyond what I could imagine! I get treats, toys, and holding time. I’ve put on a few extra pounds but mommy says it’s OK to prepare early for the winter. Love Jason
Gracie - Hello Animal Aid, Gracie (formerly Charlotte) here, just wanting to let you all know how I'm doing. I was a little shaky at first of my new surroundings, but I got used to it quickly. I soon met my "sister" Charlotte, who was adopted by my family 14 years ago at Animal Aid! We didn't get along so well at first, but now we've come to what I think is an unspoken agreement, to agree to disagree. I'm going in tomorrow to get spayed and declawed, so my owners will see you soon about that great rebate you offer! I love my new home, and I want to thank you Animal Aid, for helping me to find my forever home! You have made my life what it is today, and I'm happy to know that you do this for lots of other animals like me every day! As you can tell, I'm a very good relaxer!

xoxo Gracie

Camelot - I've been meaning to write you, Animal Aid, to let you know how well my cat Camelot is doing (I adopted him about 2 years ago). It didn't take long at all for Camelot to adjust to his new home, and he's become quite the Mama's Boy!!!!He's really happy, content, and loves chasing the mouse that's been living in our home. He's also quite intelligent, (he can open the door to any room) and loves to play. I love him so much and can't imagine life without Camelot. Thanks so much Animal Aid!
Animal Aid,

I just wanted to let you know that I had adopted Timi (aka Mickey) in November 2003 and Jake (aka Muggins) in  November 2004. They are very happy cats and getting along famously. They do like laying in the sun together grooming each other. In the morning they do like waking mommy up so that they can get fed and get lots of kisses, pats and hugs. They like checking things out on occasion and like to greet people at the door. We like being mommy's boys because she gives us lots of attention and treats. She brings lots of toys home for us to play with if we get bored. We also made friends with some of the cats in our building.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are really well loved and cared for. We are treated like kings of the castle and we make it well known. We just love our new home. Thanks for having us with you for a short time but we do love our new home a lot better.

Timi, Jake, Rebecca and Mark

Hope - I wanted to update you on Hope, the wonderful cat we adopted through you almost a year ago. Hope was born on Sept 11th 2001 and named because of the tragic events that happened that day. She is so entertaining! You can see from the pictures that she will eat just about anything. At dinnertime she will tap you with her paw until you give her some food. I swear she is more like a dog!! She sleeps on our bed every night and I could not imagine life without her. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do.....

Dear Animal Aid, My name is Charlotte, and I was adopted from Animal Aid into a wonderful home 14 years ago. I have had a wonderful life, full of love, dedication and lots of fun! I went through a lot of other things too, like moving homes with my family, and recently the introduction of a new kitten (Gracie, who was also adopted from Animal Aid) into my home. I want to thank you, for giving me the chance to live my life to the fullest and finding me this loving home that I'm in now, and will be for the rest of my days. Animal Aid is a wonderful organization, and I have recommended you to all of my family's friends for adopting pets from. Here are a few pictures of me! Once again, thank you Animal Aid!!!!!

xoxo Charlotte

Last Thursday afternoon ( Nov 3rd) I brought Dewdrop home and, as expected, she went from the carrier to under the bed.

As she was at the edge I was able to talk to her and pet her and did this a few times. About 5:30 she came out on her own and came into the den where my sister and I were. She said her hellos and then went exploring.

She happily spent most of the evening on the couch with my sister until I started to knit and the moving yarn was too tempting. Off the couch like a shot and half in my knitting bag checking out this moving yarn. Since then she has been greatly curtailing my knitting activities.

She is such a sweet girl and meets everyone who comes in the apt - including my brother-in-law who thinks she's kind of cute.

In one short week she has learned which buttons to push and plays it to the hilt. I can not resist her cute face.

She has decided to cart my slippers around. If I leave them out I will find at least one in the bedroom when I get up and, usually, when I get home from work one or both are in the living.

She is an absolute delight and the bond has definitely formed. She's stuck with me now and from my point of view a great thing.

I thank you all for the care you have given to Dewdrop, because, without your love and concern, she would not be the delightful little soul that she is. You are amazing and such a vital part of the animals in your care.

Thanks so much for Dewdrop,



Hi! My name is Tosca. You used to know me as Jaguar but my new owners soon realised that I did not recognise my name and, as my body was not sleek and sporty, they changed my name to Tosca - a beautiful singer from their favourite opera of the same name. Unfortunately, a ruder member of my owner's family called me Tonka, as in the truck! I ignored her and know that I am beautiful even if I am a little fat. I am enjoying condo living and being spoiled. I am being kept to my diet but do not seem to have lost much weight and still walk with a decided waddle. However I am able to jump through the trap door to my "boudoir" and am very clean, but I do make a terrible mess with my food. I enjoy playing with wool especially if my owner is trying to knit and like sitting on laps, beds, chairs and anything else that is soft. The other people in the building are cheering me on in my battle with weight and will always look after me if I am going to be on my own, in fact I seem to have quite a fan club, but I can handle the adulation!! I hope all the cats in the shelter find good homes and that you all have a very happy Christmas. Peterborough is a nice place to live.

From Tosca, the Calico cat.



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